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Nov 01, 2011 at 09:28 PM

ML settings



In order to activate ML, I have done the following settings:

1. I have created a valuation profile in 8KEM with:

- company code currency 10 - legal valuation 0

- group currency 30 - group valuation 30

2. I have assigned the valuation profile to my controlling area in 8KEQ

3. I have created a new version, just for actual and with group valuation

4. I have activated valuation area for ML (OMX1)

5. I have create a new ML type with CO currency (OMX2)

6. Assigned ML to valuation area.

7. I have activated the valuation profile (8KEP)

Because the company code has 3 currencies in FI (10 - RON, 30-EUR and 40-USD all in legal valuation) and we need to also have this three currencies in ML, after step 7, I have changed the currency for ML type (in OMX) into FI currency types.

8. in CKMSTART I've seted valuation area as productive and I have all 3 currencies.

We've done a series of tests and we didn't find anything wrong but my concern is if my settings are ok and if the change I've made after step 7 could have serious implications later.

Thank you,