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Former Member
Nov 01, 2011 at 05:58 PM

Again Facing Problem in JSPM


Dear All,

In Earlier Forum i am able to login in JSPM but now using JSPM but nothing is coming.

[root@yahoo ~]# su - prdadm

yahoo:prdadm 43> cd /usr/sap/PRD/DVEBMGS00/j2ee/JSPM

yahoo:prdadm 44> ls

bootstrap data epsinbox go lib param StartGui tmp verconfig dtd exe go.bat log patch StartGui.bat

yahoo:prdadm 45> ./go

yahoo:prdadm 46> nothing is coming

Log of Jspm_Config.txt

/context/name = Jspm

  1. see

/dialog/directory = config/dialog

#/dialog/serverConnection = TestServerConnection

#/dialog/serverConnection = UaServerConnection

#/dialog/UaServerConnection/port = 6240

#/dialog/UaServerConnection/port = 4240

/dialog/serverConnection = SDTServerConnection

/dialog/SDTServerConnection/mode = SDTGui

/dialog/SDTServerConnection/port = 6240

/dialog/SDTServerConnection/SDTGui/launch = false

/dialog/SDTServerConnection/SDTGui/config = jspm

/dialog/recordNameSpace = J2EEInputRecording

/dialog/recording = off

/dialog/autoCreateVariables = on

  1. ********** CHOOSE WHICH TYPE YOU WANT TO RUN *********

/pcecontrol/phaselistfile = phaselist_jspm.xml

/pcecontrol/recorderfile = phaselist.rec

/pcecontrol/logfile = phaselist.log

/pcecontrol/breakfile = phaselist.brk

/pcecontrol/suppressDialogs = true

  1. see

/varhandler/directory = data/variables

/varhandler/checkSum = false

  1. JSPM steps recording file and evaluation details

/jspm/recorderfile = jspmstep.rec

/jspm/evaldetails = true

  1. flag is application statup settings must be restored after patch

/jspm/appSnapshot = true

  1. time in seconds SDM will wait J2EE server to start during deployment

/jspm/sdmTimeout = 21600

  1. If true SDM will synchronise its repository with cVerse table

  2. during JSPM startup. The startup will be slower than usual.

/jspm/sdmRepositorySync = false

  1. percent of updated DCs agains all DCs that triggers safty deploy

/jspm/safetyDeployThreshold = 100

  1. flags what part of content checks will be skipped

/jspm/check/skipCvl = false

/jspm/check/skipDcDependencies = false

  1. defines engine mode that will be used during deployment. Possible modes are:

  2. NORMAL - will deploy in NORMAL mode

  3. SAFE_NONE - will deploy in SAFE/NONE mode - stops all server nodes except one

  4. SAFE_UPGRADE - will deploy in SAFE/UPGRADE mode - same as SAFE/NORMAL but do not start applications after deployment

  5. default mode is SAFE_UPGRADE

/jspm/deploymentEngineMode = SAFE_UPGRADE

###If set to true Usage types dependencies check will be skiped during installing of new usages on the system

/jspm/skipUsageDependenciesCheck = false

###If set to true JSPM stack option will scan Inbox for patches of the components applicable for the system and if

###found will give user opportunity to select them

/jspm/includePatchesInStack = false