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Nov 01, 2011 at 03:38 PM

DS Enhancement Question !


Hello experts,

I wanted to understand some basic concepts of DataSource Enhancements., I am sorry to put such kind of wide and often asked thread again. But unfortunately i couldnt find clear understanding form the existing Posts and from SAP help site.

Here are my first Phase questions !

1) Can we do Enhancement to All the DS? ?Means those form SAP given and ZDS ?

2) 0DS ( SAP Given ) are build on multiple SAP Tables..Correct ? so if i have to enhance that, where do i specify those Joins of Tables ? The same way when we create ZDS ( View based ) and for view we define conditions and Joins.

3) Which DS are not Enhanceable ? If any ?

4) Can we do enhancement to 2LIS ...DS?

i guess let me first clear these basic questions..and then i have some more for each..

Thanks. for your time..