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Oct 31, 2011 at 09:58 PM

Can't log into BOE system using SAP Authentication when using Document Link


Hi all.

We are setting up our dev SBOP 4.0 SP2 system and are working on getting everything configured to our requirements.

What I am currently struggling with is the Document Link functionality.

If you browse to a document (WEBI or Crystal) in the folder view in the BI Launchpad and right click and select Document View, the system presents a static link to the report. The problem is, when I execute that link in another browser window, the system prompts me with the default login screen that consists of the User Name and Password which utilizes the Enterprise authentication by default. Our login authentication is set to SAP everywhere else.

I've already set the parameters for to allow us to log into the BOE server using our user IDs and that works without a problem. I've also configured the file as well. Neither of these two files seem to have any impact on the screen I'm seeing when I try to use the Document Link. (And yes, I've restarted the tomcat server each time I've made a change to the config files.)

I'm running out of ideas - have any of you encountered this issue before and do you have any suggestions?