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Oct 31, 2011 at 03:29 PM

custom loon & feel for webdynpro table UI element


Hello experts,

I have a webdynpro application which has a set of tables to display the data. But the user doesnt want to use the Table element privided by sap webdynpro and wants it to be replaced by a table that looks more like a simple HTML table. The navigation buttons (which show the number rows and buttons to go to next record / page) available with the standard table element should be available to this html-like table also.

I was wondering if there any theme that we can apply to webdynpro table element so that it looks like a html table.

If it is not possible to change the standard table ement's look-n-feel, can you please let me know of the alternative approaches of showing data in table controls which lok more like html tables using webdynpro java. The application is alredy developed and I have to change the look-&-feel of the table elemtns only. the rest of the application's functionality still remains the same. I can re-write the application from the scratch using JSP Dynpage but that involves a lot of effort and is a waste of time

Looking forward to hearing your valuable inputs

Kind regards,