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Mar 23, 2005 at 06:42 AM

EP6 sp2 patch 4 problem .........



i am applying patch 4 to to my portal server. I dloaded 1 pdf regarding application of that patch. Acc. to it, i upgraded my sap j2ee engine to PL29. Then i patched SDM to PL 14, sap basic java libs 6.20 to support package 18, jmon to PL 19 (Ref sap basic java libs, JMON, JCO). The only thing i havent done is applying patch to SAP Jco(java Connector). bcoz i dont know which JVM(32 bit or 64 bit) is there.

Then i stopped my IRJ application. Now Acc. to document:

To install the patch:


1. Start SAPinst as follows:


a. <b>Read SAP note 722890</b>.

b. Log on to your installation host as a user with <b>super user (root) permission</b>.

c. Create a directory for the installation (for example sapinst), and make sure it is


d. From the directory you created, run the command:

<SAR File Directory>/SAPINST-CD/SAPINST/UNIX/<OS>/sapinst

Make sure that you the directory from which you call SAPinst is empty.


but there is no note with this no.(722890) in sap service marketplace. so do ne1 have this note?

and my 2nd question, while applying the patch, u need to log on with superuser(root) permission. But to start or stop sap j2ee engine, u need to log in as <b>j2eeadm</b> user. So with which user i shud login?

and while applying this patch, sap j2ee engine should be running or not?

bye n thanx...



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