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Oct 29, 2011 at 04:14 PM

PPM, enhancing screen interfaces via tables /RPM/ITEM_D, DPR_PHASE


Good day!

My purpose is to add user-defined fields for elements and phases. I do it via enhancing appropriate standard tables ( /RPM/ITEM_D, DPR_PHASE).

I have implemented a field based on domain in tables /RPM/ITEM_D and DPR_PHASE.

At Element interface I see that field generated as dropdown box and at Phase interface the same field is generated as inputfield with searchhelp.

Is there any option in SPRO where I can set type of screen object of the field (dropdownbox / checkbox / inputfield) ?

For now I have to do it at runtime in WDDOMODIFYVIEW method of the view - I'm deleting unwanted element in the table VIEW->ELEMENTS, creating a desired one and placing it in that table. I find this approach horrible...

Can I get the same results in other way?