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Oct 28, 2011 at 09:23 AM

IAA indirect activity allocation issue


Hello Friends,


In CATS will enter the hours for WBS with activity type,after that the hours will be splitted into several WBS through IAA reposting (KB65).

The scenario as follows

1. The sender cost center and activty type(_activity type category 1_) having 100 hrs with main WBS element.

2. In IAA reposting will split the 100 hours to another WBS's elements with the same cost center and activity type(_activity type category 1_) after document number generation,if we see in CJI3 report still for the main WBS there are some hours left.The intention is after splitting 100 hrs into other WBS's elements the main WBS's have have zero balance.

3. Want to know in IAA the activity category 1(Manual entry, manual allocation) will work or activity category 3 (Manual entry, indirect allocation) in IAA reposting(KB65).

Please help me in this ....