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Oct 28, 2011 at 07:52 AM

Opening Spreadsheet as MIME Object in Web dynpro



I am trying to link a spreadsheet in a Web dynpro so that if an employee click on a button or URL, that that spreadsheet opens and that the person can use that spreadsheet. For specific reasons I cannot save the spreadsheet anywhere, except create it in the web dynpro as a MIME Object.

I have created the MIME folder and the object under the Web dynpro component, and if I click on the object, it opens the spreadsheet correctly, but when I run the application in Test and click on the button to open the spreadsheet, it does not open.

I have created a LINKTOURL and entered the MIME Object name next to reference.

Not sure what else I am suppose to do for it to open when I click on the LINTOURL.

Could someone please assist?