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How to select from a table dynamically passed by user input parameter in SAP HANA native SQL Script

/********* Begin Procedure Script ************/ 
declare l_table varchar (30); 
l_table = SELECT '"'||"SCHEMA_NAME"||'"."'||"TABLE_NAME"||'"'
                   FROM "SYS"."M_TABLES" where "TABLE_NAME"='CE1'||:Table_IP; 
var_out = select "KAUFN" , "KDPOS" , "WW_CL", "WWDEL" 
                      from :l_table; 
END /********* End Procedure Script ************/

Hello Everyone!

I have a requirement in a Calculation View where user has to enter an input say 'Operating Concern' from a list of values in TKEB table.

List of values could be: '1000', 'E_B1', 'S001', 'S_AL', 'S_CP', 'S_GO',' T011'

This input gets concatenated with 'CE1' & becomes a table name & used to fetch few fields for output.

For example, If the user enters '1000', the new table name becomes 'CE11000' & used to fetch data. If he/she enters 'T011', the 'CE1T011' table is used to fetch data.. & so on...

I have created Script based CV as shown below but it is throwing some Scalar type error:

--Table_IP is the input parameter based on TKEB list

--Code attached above

Error: Repository: Encountered an error in repository runtime extension;Model inconsistency. Deploy Calculation View: SQL: scalar type is not allowed: L_TABLE: line 13 col 1 (at pos 480)

If the above logic is not correct, could you please let me know how to fetch data from a table dynamically passed by input parameter?

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1 Answer

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    Former Member
    Dec 21, 2016 at 10:50 PM

    Hi Gaurav,

    It can be achieved through Graphical CV as well; you may use Union with Constant - value of which is based on the IP with Static List of Values.


    In your case, you may use Static List of Values with CE1*;


    Prasad A V

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