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Oct 27, 2011 at 01:12 PM

Tax Condition in MM


Hi Experts,


CST u2013 Non Deductible Tax to be calculated on Basic and Freight cost.

All Tax being calculated using Tax Code VT.

In MM Pricing Schema

The Condition Type FRA1 is maintained with sub-total u20184u2019, so that FRA1 Value can be part of Basic Price.

Maintained JVCS as condition record ( Using FV11) for that vendor/Material/Plant.

The Tax JVCS is calculated correctly in VT ( Invoice Tab). All accounting document on GR is found to ok.


PB00 = 1000

FRA1 = 100

NAVS = 44 (JVCS @4%)

Net = 1144.

In Invoice tab Under VT , all the calculation is correct.

Only issue with the MIRO. In MIRO , there are two line items are appearing one Basic and another Fright cost which is okay , but when Tax is calculated for line item 1 ( for basic price), the tax is calculated both basic and freight. Again for the second line item ( Freight cost) , the tax is calculated once again, As a result , tax is calculated twice on Freight Cost.

My requirement is that for line item one , the tax should be calculated based on the basic value and again second line item , tax should be calculated once again..

Could you pls. help ?