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Oct 26, 2011 at 10:50 AM

How to control Action in a Custom Button - SRM 7.0


Hi SRM gurus,

We have an issue to add a new button in Bidder responseu201D window when we process an RFX. We follow these steps:

1. Defined and designed a new action called ZZMYACTION, type u201805u2019 (header) and for BUS2202 (Vendor Bid).

2. Configured the control of action on header level for displaying and editing.

3. Added a new button in Webdynpro Component FPM_OIF_COMPONENT, configuration ID /SAPSRM/WDCC_FPM_OIF_QTE_PURCH. It was added as u201COTHER_FUNCTIONSu201D button. It was configured with ELEMENT ID = u2018ZZMYACTIONu2019 and FPM Event ID = u2018ZZMYACTIONu2019.

4. We created a post-exit for method ONACTIONBUTTON_PRESSED in view CNR_VIEW of the webdynpro. We encode this post-exit following next thread:

So we have the control of the button. We have now a problem, because we raise our event ZZMYACTION, butu2026 ¿how can we configure this event? The purpose of this button is send an email to the bidder answering him about the result of the RFX, but I donu2019t know where do I have to put my code to do this.

Anybody can help me to define the event? What am I missing? In addition, I would like to know in the event the bidder, sou2026 how do I send this to my code?

Many thanks in advance

Best regards,