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Former Member
Oct 26, 2011 at 07:39 AM

MRS 700 planning board alternative working schedule


Hi MRS-colleagues,

There is a button in the planning board "alternative working schedule. If I highlight one resource, Ican define an alternative working schedule for this resource, based on a period HR-subtype and daily working schedule.

My question is, if you assign this alternative working schedule to a resource, then the display and calculation of the availibility will be changed for the respective period. A business case for this could be, that you have to schedule more work to a technician than his availibility allows. The benefit compared to a attendance time allocation is, that you can create a daily work schdule and assign it for a period instead of creating attendances manually. Is that correct?

Do you have guuys have some practical cases, where this functionality is used? Are there any "bad consequences" of the usage and can I just use it permanently and then remove the "transfer availiblity" tag from the HR Transfer report?