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Oct 26, 2011 at 01:03 AM

Collective orders and backflush indicator


Hi All,

is there any relation between the collective orders and backflush indicator.

my setting are

i have fin prd and S/F material

i have set up OPJH to have collective order goods movement

sp proc 52 in sub order material that is S/F and also backflush indicator 2 in S/F material.

when i am trying to create order i am getting error inactive backflush indicator.

so after investigation we found we put some check in one include of order creation to check if the resb-rgekz is initial give error.

my question is does sp proc 52 affect backfush indicator any way as what i have observed while debugging that if i maintain

sp proc 52 and backflush indicator in Material Master the resb-rgekz is not populating but when i am removing the sp proc 52 resb-rgekz is populating while debugging.