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Oct 25, 2011 at 09:45 PM

Uniquely identifying an equipment status


Hello All,

I am attempting to write a good specification outlining a way to get an equipment status (both user and system) - hope I can find some answers here in order to help the programmer down the line.

Client requirement is to uniquely identify equipment status (table EQUI). I was able to find all the tables involved (JEST and JSTO), their relationships, and status descriptions. The problem is uniquely identifying selected status. Here is the scenario: equipment object number (EQUI-OBJNR) relates to two entries in the JEST table (one where STAT field is "E0001" and other "I0099"). The problem is that only one STAT value can be checked at a given time. I found FM STATUS_READ and ran it, but it also returns both JEST-STAT values, without uniquely identifying which one is currently checked.

Does anyone know how to uniquely identify an equipment status, where I will return a status of either active or inactive, but not both?

Thank you,