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Oct 25, 2011 at 05:29 PM

Calculated keyfigure AR Balance Greater than Zero



I need some inputs for the requirement below-

If the AR Balance is Negative than display zero; hence I create a keyfigure like below

(AR>0)*AR. This works fine if I have the rows drilldowned.

My requirement is is it possible to have the values calculated even if I do not drilldown and have the report @ a aggregated level.??

As currently as soon as I remove the drilldown (rows) the calculated keyfigure does not perform the above calculation or you can say it just considers the currently displayed value for calculation. Hence losing out on my requirement.

Let me know in case you need more clarification.

Example - I need to view the value as 70 but as soon as I remove the Bill-to from drilldown the calculations are not how I want it to be.... is it someway I can hold on to 70 value even if i remove drilldonw???

Company Code Billto AR Balance > 0 AR Balance

A BB1 0 -10

A BB2 20 20

B BB3 20 20

C BB4 30 30


Result 70 60

After I remove the drilldown "billto"

Company Code AR Balance > 0 AR Balance

A 10 10

B 20 20

C 30 30


Result 60 60