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Oct 25, 2011 at 05:08 PM

Crystal Reports for VS 2010 Keeps asking to convert how to stop it?


I have converted a Web Application from VS2008 to VS2010. I downloaded and installed the VS2010 Visual Studio version and the conversion seems to have gone alright and after the conversion a dialog box came up to ask if I wanted to convert Crystal reports from a previous version to 2010. I said yes and everything seems to work including the reports in the converted site.

However, now every time I open the solution in VS2010 the same dialog box pops up asking me if I want to convert the Crystal Reports to version 2010. I saw an other similar question by a user but the answers he got were not applicable to my sutuation.

The environment we have is TFS 2010 based and I created a new branch of the solution in quetsion and did the conversion using VS2010 as described above.

It may be that I have to make some manula changes to some files to set a flag that the reports are already converted? I may have to do this manually?

So the question is how do I get rid of / disable the dialog box asking me to convert each time.

P.S. I saw references to a beta version on Crystal Reports for VS2010 I have never had this on my computer. However, I do have both VS2008 and Crystral Reports 2008 and VS2010 and Crystal Reports 2010 loaded on my computer and I will need both installed for the time being until conversion to VS2010 is complete.