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Oct 25, 2011 at 03:47 PM

SUP 2.0 Mobile Workflow string truncated


I am creating a mobile workflow application on SUP 2.0; in the attributes of my MBO I am receiving a variable of type string from an SAP function module. This is data that I hope to use in the AttachmentViewer control. When I display the data in an EditBox to verify the data, the data shows up with **TRUNCATED** at the beginning of the string. In the log on the SUP server, I see the message:

2011-10-25 11:03:14 WARN DataServices sup.mbs.14 [com.sybase.vader.cache.CacheUtil]13#TravelAMWF:1 supAdmin d1_travela_mwf.1_0 (sup.mbs.14) com.sybase.vader.cache.CacheUtil::truncateStringAsNeeded:328 - DATASERVICES: EIS character column ATTCH_STRING too long. Truncating result.

Any idea what causes the string to be truncated? I have used string variables in other places that did not get truncated. Thanks for any help.

Jeff Mathieson