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Mar 21, 2005 at 09:38 AM

Uploading value mappings


Hi all,

It is possible to upload value maapings via the ValueMappingReplication interface.

Updating existing value mappings doesn't seem possible. Only insert and delete. But what happens during the small time interval when I have deleted old value mappings and not yet uploaded the new ones?

The workaround I have in mind is:

1. keep existing value mappings in place

2. upload all value mappings with new value mapping context e.g. data + version number

3. delete the old value mappings based on old value mapping context

To look up a value, I use a small piece of Java code:

- determine first the most recent value mapping context

- use this most recent value mapping context when looking up a value

It is a pitty that value mappings cannot be programmatically updated via the ValueMappingReplication interface. Any comments on the above workaround?

Kind regards, Guy Crets

FYI: see also related posting "Value mapping problem"