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Oct 25, 2011 at 08:34 AM

Edit Equipment TL using LSMW Standard Batch/Direct Method


Hello all

I have created a set of Equipment TL for around 600+ Equipments uwing LSMW method of Standard Batch/ Direct Input method (0470). While creating I found that it creates only the header of the TL and not the individual operations and Components at item level. Now that the TL have been generated I am trying to chnage the TL and insert the Operations/Components gainst respective Group and counter no, but the Change mode(0002) for Direct Input method (0470) is not available.

How can I achieve this..Tried searching some of the posts in this forum but they dont seem to be an answer for my requirement.

I do not want to go thru LSMW recording method.

Please assit with any FM or BAPI to achieve the above requirements.