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Oct 25, 2011 at 03:58 AM

SEVERE ERROR in BW upgrade



I'm trying to update BW 3.5 to Netweaver 7.0 EHP2 and I'm having the following issue when I put the path of the mount DVD:

SEVERE ERROR: PI_BASIS is in an undefined state,
that is not safe to be upgraded !!!
Reason: Upgrade wasn't completed
Call the SAP Support!!!

Log error:

1 ETQ200 Executing actual phase 'PREP_INIT/VALCHK_INI'.
1 ETQ399 Phase arguments:
2 ETQ399 Arg[0] = 'HARD-CHK'
2 ETQ399 Arg[1] = ''
4 ETQ359 RFC Login to: System="BWD", Nr="00", GwHost="itbpbwd0", GwService="sapgw00"
4 ETQ232 RFC Login succeeded
2 ETQ399 Calling SUBST_HANDLE_UVERS with iv_mode 'R' iv_all ' ' and entries:
3 ETQ399 "PI_BASIS","2006_1_640","","","","","","","","","","",""
3 ETQ399 "SAP_ABA","640","","","","","","","","","","",""
3 ETQ399 "SAP_BASIS","640","","","","","","","","","","",""
3 ETQ399 "SAP_BW","350","","","","","","","","","","",""
2 ETQ399 Returned UVERS (#4) evLen = 102:
3 ETQ399 "PI_BASIS","702","20111024","141824","20111024","141824","I","A","","2006_1_640","","",""
3 ETQ399 "SAP_ABA","702","20111024","141824","20111024","141824","I","A","","640","","",""
3 ETQ399 "SAP_BASIS","702","20111024","141824","20111024","141824","I","A","","640","","",""
3 ETQ399 "SAP_BW","702","20111024","141824","20111024","141824","I","A","","350","","",""
1AETQ228 Detected invalid (temporary) start release "PI_BASIS

I only added the path of the upgrade DVD for Netweaver 7.0 EHP, the kernel DVD unicode, the languages and the NW 7.0 EhP2 Add-On Upgrade DVD.

This are the Release and SP that I have right now in the system:

SAP_ABA             640         0027       SAPKA64027
SAP_BASIS          640         0027       SAPKB64027
PI_BASIS              2006_1_640        0011       SAPKIPYL11
ST-PI      2008_1_640        0004       SAPKITLRC4
SAP_BW              350         0027       SAPKW35027
FINBASIS             300         0026       SAPK-30026INFINBASIS
BI_CONT              353         0020       SAPKIBIFR0
SEM-BW              400         0026       SAPKGS4026
ST-A/PI 01N_640BCO      0000

I try to verify the notes 1175848 and 158358 but the marketplace show me this message so I can't verify it...":

u201DThe requested SAP Note is either in reworking or is released internally onlyu201D

I try to stop the upgrade, application and erase all in the upg directory to begin again but the issue is not resolved...

Thanks for the help!!