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Oct 24, 2011 at 06:42 PM

Regarding RPTQTA00


Hi Experts,

Please answer my questions below

My question is Do we need to run RPTQTA00 once in a year or it should be run once?

when I run RPTQTA00 Program twice It is showing Total 20 casual leave (absence Quota) Instead of showing 10 Absence Quota Casual Leave.. What would be the reason for this? If i want 10 casual leave (absence quota) that i have configured Even If i run twice or thrice RPTQTA00 it should show 10?

Another question is I have configured Earned Leaves 20 ( Absence quota) when I run RPTATQ00 it is showing 18 instead of 20 same in case with other quotas Do I need to assign rounding rule for this?

suppose an X employee has taken a leave from his Casual leave on 04.04.2011 I dont see from and to date in PT 50 but i can see entitlements...

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