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Oct 24, 2011 at 01:29 PM

Help needed with missing data problem in CRVS2010


We recently upgraded the reporting engine in our product to use Crystal Reports for Visual Studio 2010 (previously engine was CR9). Our quote report, which has numerous subreports and lots of conditional formatting, started losing data when a quote took more than a single page to be printed. We knew the SQL results included the data, but the report was not printing those lines at all or sometimes printing a partial line. In addition, the running total on the report would exclude the lines that were being missed on the next page. In one example submitted by a customer, 3 lines were skipped between pages.

I think I have identified two potential issues that document the possibility of data not being included in the report.

The first potential issue is an issue with the "suppress blank section" option being checked. This issue is supposedly fixed with ADAPT01483793, being released someday with service pack 2 for CRVS2010.

The second potential issue is using shared variables. This issue is supposedly fixed with ADAPT01484308, also targeted for SP2.

Our quote report does not explicitly use shared variables with any of the subreports, but it does have several subreports, each in its own section that has the "supress blank section" option checked. We have other reports that use this feature, as well, and they are not exhibiting the problem.

One different thing about the quote report is that it has a section with multiple suppression options selected. The section has a conditional suppression formula, which controls whether the section is included at all within the report. The section also has the suppress blank section option selected. There are multiple fields within the report that are each conditionally suppressed. In theory, the section's suppress formula could evaluate to true, yet all of the fields within the section are suppressed (due to null values), and then the "suppress blank section" option would kick in.

The missing data only seems to happen when the section is not being suppressed, and at least one of the fields is being included in the report. If I clear the "suppress blank section" check box, and change the section formula to also include the rules applied to the fields in the section, the missing data problem seems to be resolved.

Is this related to ADAPT01483793? Will it be fixed in service pack 2?

If more details are needed, I would be happy to provide a sample report with stored data.