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Oct 24, 2011 at 10:28 AM

Report for Check deposit list being presented in Bank


Dear SAP Experts,

we are electornic manufaturing and trading company having business in all over the country. we have fourteen branches and diiferent sale outlets. Similarly we have different house banks all over the country where each branch deposit its collcetion (incoming checks)

Now we have requirements from managment that it wants to see check deposit status. All the checks from fourteen branches being deposited and how many honoured within value date and how many dishonoured

To meet this requirement i make all necessary configuration for check deposit and configured the scenario. every thing is ok and i also got print through transaction code FF68. but as i demonstrated this to my Finance department , there was requirement of report (not print format) in ALV format to get all the chkecks being presneted at specific date and honoured and dis hounred at that date

As i searched for check deposit list through SDN i found programme RFKKCK01 for this. i also made alll necessary configuariton for this report but as i executed it there is message "No payment lot corresponds to the selection criteria"

i am not finding any appropriate stuff on this issue


Do i going on right track to meet managment requirements i.e. report showing presented, dishonoured and hounured checks for speicfic date(period)??

Procedure to create payment lot as i am not finding any such field to create payment lot(back end or front end)??

At presnet we are creating check incoming entry by debiting incoming bank a/c and crediting customer, while in case of check deposit i have to use one additional bank clearing a/c andadditional data entry through t code FF68

waiting very constructive reply as i always get from SDN

thank you