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Oct 24, 2011 at 10:13 AM

MIGO - MIRO done, Any solution for reversing quantity or Make project stock


HI PS experts,

I am sitting on tricky query and need a solution, if anyone has

In customer projects scenario step by step

1. Material -qty-1- pr with Stock Item category "L" is created,

PO created against this PR,

MIGO done, after migo, the same material will be in stock

sales order VA01created for same material

Delivery (vl01n) carried out for same material

billing document raised

now the issue is, our user has made the following error, while creating new line item in the same project

2. material -qty-1 pr with Non-stock item category "N" is created

PO created against this PR

MIGO done, after MIGO, the same material is not in stock, MIRO also carried out

After MIGO, material doc created and Qty is appearing in MB52 with material doc

Request please let us know what are options available for us with respect to Point 2.

Is there any way to make the 101 GR stock to Project stock?

How to kill the quantity, which is showing in MB52

we have a scenario for our customer projects using 411 Q & 412Q as when required, in case of point 2, we are not.

Please help

Thanks & regards