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Oct 24, 2011 at 09:46 AM

Solman 7.1 Setup SLD



I'm not able to get SLD in Solman 7.1 up and running. We need Solution Manager 7.1 to download EHP5 Packages for a ECC 6.0 system, so MOPZ should be running.

Afer new Installation of Solman 7.1 I did a client copy - so our working client is 100.

I changed client 001 of the UME Destination to client 100 in JAVA environment (soution found here: errors solman_setup initial configuration in StartSLD Configuration step)

In SOLMAN_SETUP Configuration I went to step 6.1 "Select SLD". SLD should be on Solution Manager - we don't have another SLD system running.

Even though button is green now, no SLD is shown in list. I think this is because of a few configuration errors I got during automatic configuration.

I went through configuration step afer step again. To setup up a local SLD I pushed button "Setup local SLD" in Edit mode.

System told me that SLD server settings will be saved and configured as local SLD.

I logged into system with user SOLMAN_ADMIN (which was configured a few steps before). Logon is not possible. Logon with same user and password in solman abap sap system works.

So I took my personal user - logon is possible.

System started with configuration and stops at step 2 with the XPATH evaluation-error. I found the solution in note 1615612. Works.

STEP 4 asks for users. For "SAP Solution Manager ABAP" I take my personal user, SAP Solution Manager J2EE is J2EE_ADMIN. For the technical users I give some passwords.

STEP 105 breaks with error message: "Error: USER_AUTH_FAILED: User account for logonid "SLD_CS_USER" not found. Step: Adds user SLD_CS_USER to the SAP_SLD_GUEST role.

I checked in SU01 - user exists and SAP_SLD_GUEST role is attached. So I jumped over this step.

After that system hangs in STEP 124 (Configuration of Data-Supplier-Attributes).

I aborted configuration.

So my questions are:

- which users do I have to put in correctly in STEP 4?

- why doesn't work login with user SOLMAN_ADMIN in the JAVA environment?

- how to solve error message with the SLD_CS_USER and the role?

- what to do if step hangs?