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Oct 24, 2011 at 09:31 AM

IP: Filters, Conditions and NavAttributes in planning-functitons (copy)


Hi experts,

maybe you can enlight me a little bit about the conclusions/difference of filters and characteristic-conditions for planning functions:

Let's say we've got a planning-function for copying actual-figures from the current year to the plan-year.

Furtheron the user should have the possibility to pass some kind of selection to the planning-function in order to define which actual data exactly should be copied (for example the user wants only to copy the actual-data for Comp_Code="GB" and only those records where the Material has the attribute 'IsPlanRelevant = "X" ' ).

So far we did this using the conditions-section in the planning-modeller. Is this the correct way?

Or should we define a (variable-based) filter which is to be used in an planning-sequence which only contains the filter and the copy-planning-function?

Unfortunatelly it seems not possible to use NavAttributes (like 'IsPlanRelevant') in the planning-function's conditions.

Thanks for your input and comments in advance,

kind regards,