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Oct 24, 2011 at 04:53 AM

FM Customizing Date (FMOD) related with doc date in PO


Hi FM Experts,

I have a problem related with PO creation.

When logistic section want to input outstanding PO, the doc date in PO (tcode: ME21N) filled according to the date of PO creation.

Logistic section tried to entry the doc date 02.10.2011.

There is an error related with FM, said that Posting date/period 02.10.2011/007 is earlier than existing date/period 24.10.2011/007.

According to the error, there is one updating process in FM (FM Customizing Date) in FMOD.

I don't know yet about FM customizing date. What date I should entry in FMOD?

If I entry 02.10.2011 in FMOD, the error stills exist.

Many thanks 😊