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Oct 24, 2011 at 02:44 AM

handle rental & customer's inventory


Dear Gurus,

Need some advice to handle rental & inventory from the MM side. My requirements are:

- We produce some chemicals that sold to customer A.

- We also rent out our space/storage to customer A for them to store the chemical that puchase from us.

- Every month, we bill customer A the rental cost base on the stock/level of the chemical

- The same chemical is also sell to other customers as well


1 How do we track the quantity of chemical(belongs to customer A) at our stoage in SAP? (Reason being we invoice the rental to custmer is based on the quantity of chemical available in the storage). Of course, the stock value should not reflect in our accountig book.

2. How do we stock in the chemical quantity upon receipt from cutomer A?

3. How do we perform stock issuance when customer withdraw the chemical from the storage?

Note: We are not allowed to use 5-series mvement type (e.g. 501, 511) to handle this scenaio. Any one can enlighten me on the SAP best practise for this situation?

Many thanks in advance,