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Oct 23, 2011 at 01:23 PM

FRF-00025 Failed to call function. Error message: Invalid call of the data


Dear Friends,

I am performing system copy, SAP R/3 4.7 1.10 exported production data successfully and setting up the mock server using import method. During export i have not reset the DDIC and SAP* passwords to default value as mentioned in the 516246 i missed out this step, hence i am getting the error during import at starting RFC Jobs phase giving error FRF -00007 unable to open RFC connection FRF -00063 RFC logon failed with message DB --error 198

i have tried with below option edited the KEYDB.xml file searched for the component t_SAPComponent_SAPSystemLogon_SHARED

and search the property pPW and added the line property name ="GUIENG_USER_INPUT" value ="GUIENG_FALSE" />*

<column name="pPW">


<property name ="GUIENG_USER_INPUT" value ="GUIENG_FALSE" />

<property name ="CHANGEABLE" value ="YES" />

<property name ="CONTEXT_PARAM_CHANGEABLE" value ="YES" />

<property name ="ENCODE_VALUE" value ="YES" />

it prompting for the DDIC password and tried with default password and the with the password of source system both are not working ..please help by providing some work around solution ASAP.