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Oct 23, 2011 at 07:41 AM

You cannot withdraw the "Technical release" indicator



I am doing OCM configure..

1.Create release key/change profile/overall profile and assign it to material..

2.Create ECN and change the BOM of my PO

3.Change ECN and set it with "release key"..but I get below warning message...Do you have any idea on how to fix it?thanks..

btw,if i ignore this msg and keep on ..I cann't find andy change in COCM..I think the problem is in my release key..

You cannot withdraw the "Technical release" indicator

Message no. CC278


You have chosen the function Release package.

System Response

When you do this, the system sets the Technical release indicator.


You receive this warning message because you cannot make any further object changes to a change package that has been technically released.

Only choose the Release package function if you have completed all object changes with reference to this change package.