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Oct 21, 2011 at 04:30 PM

Tweaked SQL


Did any faced this scenario before, Your inputs will really helps me to find the solution.

Scenario 1 :

I have a view in my universe, The Old Deski is report is pointing the view but to make the report work >> we tweaked the SQL before by adding extra conditions.

Now we are in the process of converting deski to webi, In this process we are removing the Tweaked or Custom SQL.

So Now based on the View , How can I include the tweaked SQL conditions in the new webi report. I tried adding in the query filters but no luck. Also I tried bringing whole SQl from Deski and made derived table but it is not a best practice for one report.

Scenario 2 :

Here we are using Derived table in the universe, Even for some DESKI there are some tweaked SQL.

Is there any best practice to include the tweaked Sql as extract conditions or add query or sub query.