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Oct 21, 2011 at 03:57 PM

LSMW - Work Center - Step "Read Data": some data are not written


Hi everybody,

I work on a LSMW to upload "Work Center".

I have a problem in step "Read Data" : data are "NOT WRITTEN" for 2 "Source Structure" KAPA01 and KAPA02 which corresponding to KAPA_DXI01 and KAPA_DXI02.

I defined my "Source Structure" like below:

CRHD01 (CRDH_DXI01 Structure)

....|_ CRHD02 (CRDH_DXI02 Structure)

....|_ CRHD03 (CRDH_DXI03 Structure)

....|_ CRHD05 (CRDH_DXI05 Structure)

....|_ CRCO01 (CRCO_DXI01 Structure)

....|_ KAPA01 (KAPA_DXI01 Structure)

............|_ KAPA02 (KAPA_DXI02 Structure)

I linked each "Source Structure" to one file.

Example: CRHD01 with CRHD01.txt

For each "Work Center" I have 2 "Capacity Categorie".

So, for each file, I have this:

CRHD01.txt --> 1 record

CRHD02.txt --> 1 record

CRHD03.txt --> 1 record

CRHD05.txt --> 2 records (for 2 "Capacity Categorie")

CRCO01.txt --> 1 record

KAPA01.txt --> 2 records (for 2 "Capacity Categorie")

KAPA02.txt --> 2 records (for 2 "Capacity Categorie")

For each file, I added 2 fields to allow each record

The 2 fields are : ARBPL (Work Center) and WERKS (Plant)

I don't understand why it's uncorrect.

Could you explain me why the reasons that data are not read?

If I'm wrong in my LSMW, could you explain or give me a solution to resolve my problem?

Thanks in advance for your answers.



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