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Oct 21, 2011 at 02:52 PM

Jobs are hung after 9000 records on BODS 4.0


Dear All, I am having problem executing job on BODS 4.0. Our BODS4.0 is installed on Windows server 2008 with Oracle 11.2 as repository.

I am reading a flat file and inserting records in Oracle DB used as staging area. It was running fine few daye back but now it is getting hung after loading 9000 records. We have 200,000 records in flat file.

I thought it is an issue with Oracle Target Datastore so i selected file as target in another job. Now I am reading a file and after GAC writing inside a file.

Even this second job is hung for last 2-3 hours. I looked into CPU and memory and each al_engine.exe is taking 25% CPU. When I look into memory then each has taken around 4 GB memory.

This is happening each time. I asked DBA to look into Oracle and he told that "

No activity in the database, no blocking locks but there are three sessions logged on as DSDATAREPO (SERVER\WAP00031) running al_engine.exe that are currently waiting for u201CSQL*Net message from clientu201D (someone/thing to do something) , that have row exclusive table locks on SDO_GEOR_DDL__TABLE$$ .

Is it a known issue in BODS 4.0? or it is something else?

Just now I realized that it is happening when I am using Russian Address Cleanse transform configuration of Global Address Cleanse transform. Just loading data into Oracle has no issue.