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Oct 21, 2011 at 01:26 PM

eCatt Webdynpro ABAP problems


Hello everbody,

we are trying to script a webdynpro ABAP application with eCatt.

We have completed the system configuration steps (see below), but still when trying to record we are getting the error message:

"An error probably occurred during the logon to the Web Dynpro target system. Check user and password in the target system."

We have set up a HTTP connection to the target system with a preset username / password combination in the authentication details. We also log into the target system with this username / password combination directly just fine.

What could we be missing?

Some more questions:

Is eCatt supposed to execute the webdynpro on the target system as the user defined in the http connection or as the user executing / recording the script?

What user should be set in the http connection in the first place? I'm assuming its not the ecatt_http user because that one doesnt even exist in the target system (the guides only ask for this user to be created in the ecatt system)

Regards & Thanks in advance,