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Oct 21, 2011 at 12:51 PM

Drawing Table & Displaying Data in SAP Script : Data Alignment probelm


Hi Experts,

I am Developing An SAP Script in Which Had to Display Data in a Table with Three column & multiple rows, i had created the Table using BOX Command in SAP SCRIPT & assigned a TEXT Element to it & calling this text element while Looping in WRITE_FORM FM.but while displaying DATA in One column the data in another columns shift to the right & if the data in 1st column is less the data in the second column shift to the left. i know these issues had been covered in the past but i am not getting any concrete results from searching in the forum.

Also On more problem when ever i am declaring a text element in some other window & also giving the Command BOX inside it to draw outline the BOX is not drawn.

This seem to be an alignment issue . Experts Please provide me with some alternative.

Thanks & Regards

Priyesh Shah