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Oct 21, 2011 at 11:58 AM

Autentication error in Web Service after Login Module


Hi Experts,

I am getting a failed autentication when i try to access a web service. This is my scenario:

I have developed my own login module using JAAS. When i call a web service, the login module is executed, then it validate the credencials and make the authetication true. After that the web service is called. The web Service is mark as user/password authetication. But i always get this error:

Authentication for web service UtilityService, configuration UtilityService using security policy BASIC___ws failed: Login failed.. (See SAP Note 880896 for further info).

Just for you know, the credentials taht i use in login modulo isn't the user of UME. I use user store in another user store. I fthe credential is correct pass to the Principal an user of UME. To login stack is right when pass to login module:

User: tecbmmab
IP Address:
Authentication Stack:*pegasus

Login Module                                                               Flag        Initialize  Login      Commit     Abort      Details
1.   SUFFICIENT  ok          false      false                 
2.                             REQUISITE   ok          true       true                  
        #1 Client = 800
        #2 Destination_reference = CUSTOM_DEST
        #3 SysId = DE1
        #4 SysNum = 00
        #5 TargetHost = tecs220
        #6 TrATicket = TRATICKETCTRL
Central Checks                                                                                true

After this, the error mention above, of web service happen.

As my knowledge, when i call the web service i already have the session autenticate with login module. But this is not happen.

Could someone help with this question?

Best regards

Marcos Brandã