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Oct 21, 2011 at 11:29 AM

Adobe licence costs


hi all

I have 2 questions about the licences costs of Adobe forms in SAP.

The first question:

Do you have to pay the licence costs for adobe interactive forms only one time?

Or is it once a year, month or do you have to pay licence cost after processing xxx forms?

And the second question:

What are interactive forms under the conditions of SAP?

I have read in the documentation that if the form is not editable, none extra licence cost have to be paid.

But are interactive forms, forms which are only changeable for an user? Such as a textfield, combobox or other GUI elements?

Of are interactive forms also forms which are changed by a developer? i.e. a user has changed default SAP forms, or a user has created it's own custom forms.

So, if i made a custom adobe form in SAP and i use it only for printing purposes. And if the form is used in a productive enviroment, are those interactive forms? Which an extra ADOBE licence is required? And should be paid for?

Of can i use this custom made form in the productive enviroment without an extra ADOBE licence?

Kindly hear from you!

Anton Pierhagen