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Former Member
Oct 21, 2011 at 07:35 AM

Deactivate message V1 403 The header business data does not apply to item x


Hi Experts,

do you have any idea how to deactivate message V1 403 in sales order ?

It comes from FV45KFKD_VBKD_FUELLEN_KVBKD when we 'fast change' - for example - delivery date for item(s) in sales order. Variable DA_ABWEICHENDE_DATEN is set to 'X' on IF KVBKD-FKDAT NE *KVBKD-FKDAT and then it displays V1 403.

This message appears as many times as many items you have in the order.

This is OK if there is only few items, but sometimes, if you have order with 100+ items and want to change delivery date only of one of them, this message appears 100+ times which it's really annoying and users want us to deactivate it.

I checked OBA5 and SM21 but it appears that V1 messages are not there.

I also checked if it cannot be somewhere in customizing - VOV7 or VOV8 but no luck.