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Oct 21, 2011 at 07:11 AM

Query on Authorization for running Payroll


In our project, every employee is associated with a grade (like A, B, C etc.) and levels within the grade (like A1, B1, C1 etc.). The requirement is that the data from payroll process, generation of payslip etc. should be kept kept highly confidential for employees above a certain grade (e.g. for all employees above the grade E), as they belong to the top management. Hence, they want only a specified person to be able to execute these activities, as well as the entry of payroll master data. Also, they want the payslips to be sent to these employees through emails, as a password-protected PDF file.

My query is should this be handled through Authorizations or is it done by creating a separate payroll area for these employees and then assigning a specific Payroll Administrator for it?

If it is to be done thru separate payroll area, then should I create separate Employee subgroup grouping and attach it to the payroll area? These employees are spread across different personnel areas. I have the following ESGs: Workmen, Admin Staff, Technical Staff, Executive Staff and Top Management staff. This requirement is to be catered to all Top Management Staff and part of the Executive Staff. So, should I split the ESG for Executive Staff into two ESGs? (one group for normal eexcutive staff and another group for the above requirement)

Please guide me