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Oct 21, 2011 at 06:31 AM

Intercompany sales in SD


Dear all,

I have a question to ask you about intercompany sales. This intercompany sales process has the following process.

A customer orders place an order from a sales org A. The sales org has a warehouse/production plant that will produce and deliver the goods. However, this delivery plant belongs to a different company code.

Example: Sales Org A  Company Code 1001; Delivery Plant B  company code 2001

The goods are produced / contained here and delivered from the production/warehouse plant directly to the customer. Finally, the sales org create a billing invoice to send the invoice to the External Customer, and the delivery plant will have to create a billing invoice to send the invoice to the Sales Org (i.e. Intercompany billing).

My question:

1 u2013 Is it standard SAP practice in intercompany sales scenario in which there is no PR and PO create to get the goods from the production/Delivery plant? (Reason I am asking this is because there is PR and PO generated for Third Party Dropship and Third Party Processing which involve external vendor to deliver the goods, i.e. with item category TAS and TAB)

2 u2013 What if I want the system to generate a PR and PO upon my sales order creation, is this possible?