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Oct 21, 2011 at 05:31 AM

Changing Source Universe


I am trying to develope a new report which is going to be a exact replica of an existing one. Only difference will be it will be based on a new Universe which will be based on a new Bex Query.

I have created the Universe, and am now trying to repoint the report to the new Universe. When i try to do so, i get the usual object mapping window all the objects are mapped few are not as they are missing from the new universe or change in same. I manually mapped them or deleted removed the missing one. everything is with a green check mak now.

However, when i say ok. I get a error message saying something like Internal error occurred 'ProcessVariable' API. When I click 'ok' again i getting other information message saying something like Objects in old universe are missing from the new universe, you cannot use the new universe as source.

now my question is, all the objects in the new reports are matching the old report. whats the criteria for the Universe to be changed successfully - Should all the objects in both the universes match or should all the objects on the report should match with objects in the 'to be mapped' universe. I was under the impression thats its the secon one, but now am confused.

Your thoughts are welcome.