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Oct 21, 2011 at 05:25 AM

Production order availability check


sap help says check against planning or check against ATP is derived from planning strategy. so if for a material, in material master, we maintain planning strategy and checking group, then system will decide on ATP or against PIR based on the strategy..this is clear to me..

lets say i have a FG production order header material A. It has a component B, for which i maintained PIR.

for material A, my strategy is 40 and checking group 01/02

for material B, my strategy is 74 and checking group 01/02

so when PP availability check is done, based on the strategy used in the material master for component B, it will determine that system needs to do ATP against PIR (because strategy is 74).

but sap help says, we can control this process of check against ATP or PIR using a field in checking group..

so which takes the precedence? strategy group or RelChkPlan field in checking group?