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Portal Navigation API: getNavigationSubtree

Dec 20, 2016 at 10:27 AM


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Hi Experts

I am trying to recive the child nodes of a specific navigation node. But the getNavigationSubTree Method is not working.

If I set the name parameter of the method to 'null' then it returns all the topnodes as mentioned in the documentation. But when I enter a specific ID of a navigation node as parameter then I do not get any results. Does somebody know what is wrong in my call?

With the following call I get all top-level nodes in my 'renderSubTree' function:
LSAPI_AFPPlugin_model.getNavigationSubTree(null, renderSubTree);

But when specify a node ID (here by getting the currently launched node), then the nodes argument in my 'renderSubTree' function is = null
var curNode = LSAPI_AFPPlugin_model.getCurrentLaunchNode();
LSAPI_AFPPlugin_model.getNavigationSubTree(curNode.getName(), renderSubTree);

function renderSubTree(nodes){}

Thanks and best regards

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