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Mar 18, 2005 at 04:18 AM

Copy "document icon" to new sheet from "SEM-BPS 1" sheet



I'm using SAP VB Macros to copy data from SEM-BPS 1 sheet to new sheet. Everything seems to be working fine but <b>document icons</b> are not being copied from SEM sheet to new sheet.

Rather than just <b>moving</b> the value, I even tried to <b>copy entire cell</b> from SEM sheet and <b>paste</b> it into new sheet from within macro. It seems to be working but only a <b>very thin & small line</b> is being created in new sheet <b>for document link</b> which is almost <b>invisible</b>. I'll have to find out this small invisible line and click on it to get the document.

has any one got any experiences on this? once we enable layout with documents, How does document icon is created in SEM-BPS 1? Is the icon physically stored some where in SAP?

How do I copy exact document icon from SEM-BPS 1 to new sheet?

I appreciate sharing your ideas.

<b><u>Note:</u> moving</b> cells in VB just copies the <b>value</b> where as <b>copying cells</b> in VB copies <b>the entire cell</b> with format,font,shapes etc..</b>