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Former Member
Oct 20, 2011 at 08:00 PM

MB51 problem


user reports that MB51 transaction figure does not report correct figures for any of the requested months ( when matched back to manual figures) for ZY05.

The problem with this transaction MB51, Until September 25th, it was balancing to my manual stock update. However, in the week of the 29th September and onwards we realised it was not balancing anymore to my manual report. and when we was trying to see if we can pick up where the difference was coming from it started to show a difference from way back. Our reports would balance everyday as bass enters invoices, transfers etc. I kept going back to different dates from as long as last year and it showing a difference now, which is not correct because we would and our external auditors would use this SAP transaction for verification as well.

And there are negative balances which should not be.

Please help me anyone how to come out from this issue.