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Oct 20, 2011 at 02:41 PM

Delivery for a work order - What process to use


Below is the business scenario:

We have a distribution center which stores all the materials which can be ordered by customer OR can be consumed by PM work orders.

Currently they create Notification and work order in PM module and when ever they need a material they goto Distribution center and provide their "Work Order number, so that materials can be issued against the work order number.

They want to use SD module for issuing materials to work order because business wants to use SD Pricing procedure and make some profit out of it.

How can this requirement be met by using SD module.

Below are some questions i have

Q1. If we populate work order number at Sales order line item (Account assignment tab), will it charge material price to work order automatically ? Can i see in document flow what work order is linked to sales order and similarly have document flow at PM level too ?

Q2. Is SD module a good fit for this requirement, or should we look at MM module and do MIGO against work order (Not sure how it works) ?

Q3. What will be the process flow and what document type is the best fit.

Thanks in advance.

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