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Oct 20, 2011 at 12:03 PM

Segmental Reporting from FI after Distribution Cycle in CO


Dear SAP Experts,

To create a segment Financial Statements, we use the T-Code F.01, and filter the report using the dynamic selection for Segments.

We currently record expenses, for example Electricity Expense, to a general cost center. This results in an Accounting Document and the result is shown in the FAGLB03 correctly. The effect is also shown in CO as well.

At the month end, we distribute the expenses to different cost centers on a proportion of lets say 75% : 25% using KSV1 and KSV5. The result is shown in CO but not in FAGLB03. The issue is that both cost centers relate to different profit centers and Segments. Therefore, if the FAGLB03 is not updated, the segmented Financial Statements will not give a fair view.

Document Splitting is Active for Profit Center and Segments

An illustration is shown below:

1) Initial Expense Record in FB50

Electricity Expense DR 1000 (General Cost Center A - General Profit Center A - Segment A)

Accrued Electricity Expense CR 1000

In FAGLB03 is updated and so is the CO Reports.

We will also be able to see the Balance in F.01 by filtering the Dynamic Selection for Segment A)

2) At Month End, we distribute the Above expense as follows:

+ 75% to Cost Center B - Profit Center B - Segment B

+ 25% to Cost Center C - Profit Center C - Segment C

- 100% to Cost Center A - Profit Center A - Segment A

The reports in CO is updated.

There is no effect seen in FAGLB03 or in F.01, therefore we are unable to see a clear picture for Segments.

Is there anyway, that we can see the segmented Financial Statement in FICO after the above processes/ Transactions?

Best Regards....