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Oct 20, 2011 at 07:39 AM

SOAP Sender without User Authentication


Hi Gurus,

i have a ERP <-> PI 7.1 <-> NonSAP SOAP Scenario.

The NonSAP has to send SOAP Message to the Pi. At the Moment there is the requirement that this should be done without User Authentication.

This is what i've done: I provided the Endpoint Adress i get from Sender Agreement --> Display WSDL. In the Sender Agreement a SOAP Adapter 1.1 (HTTP) is set. When I sent a Request with SoapUI to the EndpointURL with username and password everything works fine. When i remove username and password i receive "unauthorized". The NonSAP gets the same Unauthorized"Error".

Is there any chance to get this scenario running without username and password authentication? Maybe there is a chance to put username and passwort diretcly into Endpoint URL?

Thank you for your help