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Oct 20, 2011 at 06:48 AM

COPA reporting for scheme products



I have following requirement in COPA wrt scheme prodcuts.

My scenario:

My client is trader in External Hard disks, cell phones and memory card.

They have following scheme for their customer:

Customer will get 1 memory card free on purchase of 10 external hard disks

Customer will get 2 memory cards free on purchase of 10 cell phones

Customer will get 5 memory cards free on purchase of 10 cell phones and 5 External hard disk.

Now we show this free item in bill as Sale price (Rs.250) - Discount 100% (Rs.250).

My SD and FI entries are running fine.

But wrt COPA, at present, cost of these memory card is shown in memory card itself. It implies wrong picture.

Ideally, the cost of memory card should be deducted (on basis of number of items purchased) from cost of external disk / cell phones since it given free on these products.

Please help me how to achieve this. Do i need to use from substitution rule or something.

Please help